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Sherlock Holmes and the Poison Wood

London 2024. Doggedly pursuing success as a private detective, Sherlock Holmes is faced with a new case; an unexplained death in the infamous environmental protest camp at Oakenwood. Supported by his media-savvy landlady, Dr Watson, Sherlock suspects that arch-nemesis Jan Moriarty is at the root of the case, but the game’s afoot and they must move fast to uncover the truth and foil her plans. In a world of cancel culture, deepfakes and digital manipulation, only self-discovery and acceptance can unlock this case.

"Glasstone’s cracking songs are impeccably structured and thoughtfully styled" 
The Stage  (on Sherlock Holmes)

Music: Ben Glasstone

Lyrics: Ben Glasstone / P Burton Morgan

Bookwriter and Director: P Burton-Morgan Playing at The Watermill Theatre 2nd Feb to 16th March 2024


THE KING OF NOTHING is a madcap, lo-fi two-hander take on the Hans Christian Andersen's Emperor's New Clothes, in which two “Swindlers” (aka actors) use an apparently improvised set and puppets to play all the characters and playfully fool the audience into imagining all kinds of things that plainly aren’t there... 


Book, music and lyrics: Ben Glasstone

Director: Steve Tiplady

Designer: Alison Alexander

Trailer: Adam Ryzman


Co-produced by Little Angel and MONSTRO Theatre in 2022, touring UK 2022-24

What'll I wear today?
On with the Parade


CELLS. A university science lab. A kebab shop at 2am. An online gaming forum. Two strangers’ lives become unexpectedly intertwined. Alan Bennett meets The Streets in this tender and uplifting new musical film, giving voice to the lives of two everyday blokes in search of connection...


Words and direction: Poppy Burton-Morgan

Music: Ben Glasstone

The Hunger
Never Too Late

Cells (Season Two)


Words and direction: Poppy Burton-Morgan

Music: Ben Glasstone

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