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"mind-blowingly good"
  Broadway World
  (on The Rhythmics cast album)



Inspired by an H.P. Lovecraft tale, REANIMATOR is the story of two medical students who try to bring people back from the dead. It's a love story with heart and brains...


This piece won the Stiles and Drewe's mentorship prize back in 2017. It was then developed into a completely different show (see below)...

...And then this original version was picked up and premiered with 3rd year students at Chichester Conservatoire in June 2023.   

Book, Music and lyrics: Ben Glasstone
Director: Gary Sefton
People Who Are Dead
Now I Know
What a Specimen


MINI, tells the story of Michael 'Mini' Cooper, the disarmingly articulate child arsonist from Country Durham, who became the focus for Franc Roddam's seminal 1975 INSIDE STORY.

Our free adaption of his memoir uses 1970s idioms from glam to punk via folk rock as it pits the effervescent Mini against a terrifying chorus of psychiatrists, social workers and prison officers.


Eighteen Pence
Rob and Kathleen
Streets and Fields

The Mouse Queen - the movie!

Missed by many a fan and not seen since its Broadway success in the mid 2000s, Ben's favourite show has recently begun development into an animated film with LRG this space...




Book: Ben Glasstone and Tim Kane
Music and Lyrics: Ben Glasstone

REANIMATOR (version two!)

Deja vu? Two musicals for the price of one...

This is the contemporary, high-concept version of the show developed with writer Susanna Kleeman.  This footage is from the Stiles and Drewe showcase at The Other Palace in 2018.


It is a completely different show. All they have in common is the title song and (broadly) the premise.

This REANIMATOR is an apocalyptic musical farce in which a bio-tech researcher and a young medial student use nanotechnology to revive the dead - and unleash a terrifying enemy for our times...



Book: Ben Glasstone/Susanna Kleeman
Music and lyrics: Ben Glasstone
The Other Side
Some Stiffs
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