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"A wonderfully inventive work that genuinely has something to say - and has terrific fun saying it. A joy."
The Times (on The Mouse Queen)

The Mouse Queen

The Cheese Song
Hoovering (Lorna's song)
The Lion and the Man
Everything's Under Control

Little Angel,  New Victory (New York), Hampstead, Unicorn

Music and lyrics: Ben Glasstone

Book: Ben Glasstone and Tim Kane

Director: Steve Tiplady   Designer: Peter O'Rourke

The Tempest

Where the Bee sucks

Royal Shakespeare Company/Little Angel

Music and original lyrics: Ben Glasstone

Director: Peter Glanvillle

Designer: Laura McEwan

Alice in Wonderland

Caucus Race
I'm a Key

Little Angel

Music and lyrics: Ben Glasstone

Book: Tim Kane

Director/Designer: Peter O'Rourke

The Dong with a Luminous Nose

Time Passes
Tired Fiesta

Little Angel and UK tour


Ben Glasstone

Director/designer: Peter O'Rourke

Book Story

Found Somebody Who Reads Me

MONSTRO Theatre (Three UK tours)

Written, composed and directed by:

Ben Glasstone


Michael Fowkes

The Night Before Christmas

Little Angel

Music and lyrics:

Ben Glasstone

Book: Ben Glasstone and Tim Kane

Director: Ben Glasstone   Designer: Michael Fowkes

Moominsummer Madness

The Adventures of Thunder and Coal

MONSTRO Theatre 

Written, composed and directed by:: Ben Glasstone

Design: Philip Bosworth and Jennie Pedley

Polka Theatre/Royal and Derngate

Music: Ben Glasstone

Lyrics: Ben Glasstone and Phil Porter

Director: Peter Glanville/Dani Parr

Design: Laura McEwan

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